Thursday, July 22, 2010

Part 1

Let me begin by stating that reality and sobriety are not all that they are cracked up to be. This is merely a subjective opinion, as I am restrained from any other by a frustrating lack of omniscience. The biggest difference that is immediately obvious to me is that I’m as boring as fuck. The chemical changes in my brain do aid the re-emergence of my intellectual self, the scientist, pragmatist, realist, existential pessimist, and elitist. I find myself once more constructing rants, reviling ignorance, raging against injustice, teetering on the precipice of verbosity and pedantry, yep boring as fuck.
I find myself no longer quick to smile or laugh, and when I do it usually has something to do with dark, gallows humor centered on the ludicrousness of our society, and indeed our very existence. When a person is fucked up they tend not to notice, or simply don’t care about the churlish shenanigans that surround them on a daily basis, not unlike a womb filled to capacity with imbecile fluid.
What seemed vaguely retatid whilst pissed, like wedding dances or political campaigning, has now through sober eyes become 100% completely so. At least when one vomits into ones own mouth, depending on what you’ve eaten, it can be if not enjoyable, at least tolerable. I think what I’m alluding to here is that alcohol and drugs made me less boring, and indeed made you lot one hell of a lot less boring. (My apologies to Kingsley Amis for paraphrasing him, and poorly at that.)
I shall end Part 1 with this…As I did a quarter of a century ago with drugs, I have now done with alcohol, quit cold turkey. Nothing to it really, it simply requires determination or a physician assuring your demise. This naturally does not apply to cigarettes, so please should you feel the urge to correct my thinking and lifestyle by warning me of the hazards of vile tobacco restrain yourself with immediacy. I simply cannot trust a person without at least one vice, and neither should you.

James Saito’s first novel “Rusty Melena Circles The Drain” was largely ignored by both critics and consumers. The follow-up “The Return Of Rusty Melena” didn’t do quite as well.

-James Saito

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